Meet the maker


Welcome to Lila Styles! 

I am Angelica and the maker behind the Lila Styles brand. I have been sewing for around a decade and a half ,yet with each passing year I love it more and more. My passion for sewing started with making gifts for family during the holidays and eventually evolved to an actual small business. 

I am a literary nerd, pop culture aficionado, lover of all things geek and have a dark side that loves the creepier side of life.

I'm lucky to have a beautiful home life and a large part of that is due to the man I have called Husband for the last 18 years. Together we have built a family with our four amazing children that is filled with love, joy and openness.






The story behind the name.


The Lila Styles name is an evolution of my childhood nickname Little A. Way back when the 1980's dawned home computers were not something many had and were something even fewer knew how to use. My grandpa Louie was ahead of the techie game and had one in their home, based on the retelling of this story no one truly knew how to use it. They did figure out how to type something and have it repeat it back to you, the thrill of the robotic computer voice saying "Hello John" was so fun they repeated it until it was my turn to have it say my name. Sadly it had limited ability and instead of saying "Hello little Angelica" it said "Hello Little A". This was greatly amusing to my parents and everyone present because it said Little Ah, as in ahh what a refreshing sip of cold lemonade. Eventually it became Little A (like aye how you doing) and that stuck replacing what they had been calling since birth thank goodness. I don't think I'd like being called Froggy so yay for limited 80's computers.

Fast forward twenty some odd years and in came a very retro pin up style to my life. As an attempt to protect my family life from strangers I used a stage name when asked for photos and social media accounts. My dad always said that I was "styling" even back in my teenage combat boot, shaved head, safety pin piercing, leather, heavy makeup goth style and when I did a full frilly flip he still used the same word to describe me. In my head I could hear my dad saying it so I combined my nickname with a word that gave me confidence even in my darkest days and here I am. The styling Little A otherwise known as Lila Styles.