Kingdom Hearts hexagon dice tray
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These trays are fantastic for dice but have so many uses and the snaps on the side let the tray open up for easy flat storage and travel.

DnD aficionados know a tray keeps unruly dice from running away but they can be used for any board game.

Keep one by the door to catch keys and all the items you need to grab on your way out the door.

In the bathroom for lipsticks and small things that roll away.

Take one when you travel to set your jewelry in.

Stitch markers, measuring tape, tiny scissors and small things are perfect to pop in while counting and easy to grab without losing to the couch monster  

Tiny Lego pieces and all the cool rocks can be set in here on a dresser for a kiddo.

Dice and other goodies shown in the photos are not for sale. Only a tray itself is for sale.

As always made with love.